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Rare is the innovation that offers nonprofits a true competitive advantage in fundraising. The Atlas of Giving is doing exactly that by providing timely, relevant economic intelligence for the charitable sector.

Dr. John DiBiaggio – President Emeritus Tufts University
Former President University of Connecticut
Former President Michigan State University

Very useful! even more so than GivingUSA! Thanks very much Atlas!

Mazarine Treyz, wildwomanfundraising.com

The Atlas of Giving brings to my desktop each month a philanthropic climate report that gives me the confidence to plan development projects and annual plans. I share the Atlas of Giving with my Foundation Board of Directors and key volunteers to instill confidence – that people are still giving, even in a difficult economic climate. The primary benefit of using this tool is that it is up-to-date every month. I don’t have to wait until the end of the year to learn what is happening with national or sector philanthropic giving. It is the single most important tool I have at my fingertips to help prepare budget, beyond my own track record of philanthropic support – that seems to be increasing very nicely each year!

Les Helmuth, CFRE, Executive Director VMRC Foundation

As a small nonprofit, forecasting can help you level the playing field in a number of ways. Not only can you gain a competitive edge by using timely information like the poor consumer confidence that will affect charitable giving this holiday season, but you can adjust your spending and marketing promotions to current giving conditions and forecast.

Linette Singleton, Singleton Consulting Group, Inc.

I only wish in the years I was a consultant I had had access to goodies like these. Talk about innovation. Talk about non-Flat Earth Fundraising! Atlas, you deserve a raise.

Roger Craver, The Agitator
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The Atlas of Giving is a game-changer for the nonprofit sector. Finally we have timely giving information and a reliable forecast to use in making fundraising and budgeting decisions. This will soon be a required resource for every nonprofit professional.

Stephen Nill, J.D., CEO, www.charitychannel.com

Nonprofit professionals will no longer “fly blind” into the future. They finally have a sound basis for crucial financial decisions. Because we all live with major economic uncertainty and rapid changes, it’s very risky to rely on financial data that is more than three-months old. With accurate projections of future giving, nonprofit leaders can now make the right decisions that lead their organizations to much greater success.

Charles Schultz, President of Crescendo Interactive

The Atlas of Giving is the exclusive monthly resource for nationwide U.S. charitable giving results and forecasts. It provides monthly results and trends information for the past 12 months, as well as forecasts for the coming year.

Chip Grizzard, CEO, Grizzard Communications Group