Ultimate Planning Model

Finally, nonprofits have access to technology that reliably forecasts and accurately measures giving factors specific for their organization.

How can the Atlas of Giving technology benefit my organization?

The technology used to create the Atlas of Giving can be employed to design a unique model that is specifically tailored to provide solutions to a variety of challenges. Here are some examples . . .

case study #1 – university annual fund forecasts 9.8% increase: Twenty years of giving data was analyzed for a leading university. A reliable model was created that could predict annual fund income with 96.9% accuracy based on gift history coupled with various economic factors. The Atlas Ultimate Planning Model forecast 9.8% growth for their fiscal year six months before year end. Actual results were 9.7% higher – just 1% less than projected! The Atlas Ultimate Planning Model enabled the university development program to budget accordingly.

case study #2 – response rates and average gift forecasts help increase ROI: Gift history for multiple nonprofit direct marketing programs was examined with a goal to forecast response rates and average gifts. Models with 0.87 and 0.94 coefficients of correlation will help increase ROI by projecting which months are best to send mailings to obtain the maximum response rate and average gift for both acquisition and active donor campaigns.

case study #3 – gift annuity contracts increase with promotions: A health charity experienced broad fluctuations in the number of annual gift annuity contracts over the past decade. Their CGA program was analyzed in relation to numerous economic variables. Atlas created an Ultimate Planning Model that forecasts the number of contracts based on scheduled promotions and economic data. This also helped the development team make the case for increased CGA marketing budget.

Why do we need The Atlas Ultimate Planning Model?

The Atlas Ultimate Planning Model creates efficiencies and opportunities that have never before been available.

For example, it is now possible to schedule fundraising activities and campaigns to maximize their potential for producing income. It’s much better to make an appeal at a time when giving growth is forecast to be up 7% rather than when it is forecast to increase just 1%. Budgets can be planned with more precision than ever before. Budget decisions are dramatically different when income is forecast to be down 2% or … up 8%.

The investment required to create The Atlas Ultimate Planning Model can be exponentially returned almost immediately with a single promotion that is scheduled to take advantage of a forecasted favorable giving environment.

What are the benefits of The Atlas Ultimate Planning Model?

  • Raise more money with better information to use when planning.
  • Adjust spending and promotion to forecasted giving conditions.
  • Compare fundraising results to a monthly benchmark.
  • Create more effective and efficient budgets.
  • Employ trend analysis.
  • Evaluate chapter/unit/region results now.
  • Examine staff performance today.
  • Analyze promotion results immediately.
  • Gain a competitive fund raising edge with information that others do not have.
  • Make your organization more effective and efficient.
  • Monitor effects of policy changes on charitable giving.
  • Refine existing models/forecasts with additional information.
  • Build new models/forecasts based on Atlas of Giving data.

How much? How long?

Your organization can be raising more money and improving its efficiency with The Atlas Ultimate Planning Model in less than 3 months. Click here to contact us about Ultimate Planning Model solutions for your organization!