Raising More Money Will Make You Better Looking

Well, maybe not. But, you will feel like you are better looking.

As a fund raising practitioner or nonprofit manager, you are always trying to find new ways to raise more money and spend less money doing it. There is a powerful free tool that gives you the benchmarks and forecasts you need to identify and expand productive promotions (like online giving) more quickly and reallocate dollars from declining promotions (like a special event past its prime). These improvements will favorably impact your cost per dollar raised. This will make your organization (and you) more attractive to donors, prospective donors, and watchdog organizations like Guidestar and the BBB Wise Giving Alliance…

The Atlas of Giving reports that US giving is up 7.7% in 2011 through October. This benchmark gives you a good idea about how your results compare to 2011 aggregate results for the US. The Atlas forecast shows that unfortunately, giving will be flat for the 12 months ahead – with some months being dramatically lower than the previous year. April, 2012 is forecast to be down 5.5% from April, 2011. But, September, 2012 is currently projected to be 5.9% better than September, 2011. Pay attention to the monthly forecast, so that you can schedule mailings, events and other activities for times when they will have an optimal chance for producing successful returns.

Use Atlas of Giving forecast and benchmarking information to improve your credibility with your CEO, the CFO, the Board of Directors, and your staff. Use Atlas data to schedule promotions and adjust budgeting and staffing to prepare for upcoming conditions so that you can raise more money at less cost. Also use the information to sound the alarm to warn against making significant expenditures based on unfavorable giving forecasts – like the first 7 months of 2012.

The current Atlas Insight and Analysis section points out that political fundraising is affecting charitable giving. Individuals and companies are redirecting contributions that would normally go to charity to political campaigns instead. This phenomenon will increase as the campaign season heats up. Keep this in mind as you make plans for 2012. You can subscribe at no cost to The Atlas of Giving Standard Edition at www.philanthromax.com.

If this sounds good, it can be even better… much more giving information is available. Charitable giving benchmarks and forecasts for 8 sectors (Arts, Education, Health, etc), 4 sources (Individual, Corporation, Foundation, and Bequest), and for all 50 states is available every month with the Atlas of Giving Professional Edition (Atlas Pro). Check it out at www.atlasofgiving.com.

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