Maximize Fundraising by Timing Events and Promotions

If you knew that your gala would net 6% more if you moved it from November to July, would you do it?

If you had reliable data that suggested that your traditional December direct mail drop could bring $150,000 more if you moved it up to September, what would you do?

Would your budget plans change if you knew that charitable giving will not grow in the next 12 months but will decline 1.6%?

Have you ever considered questions like this?  Probably not…  Because, until recently, there were no answers to these questions based in analysis and data.  The best you could do was wait until June to look at how giving performed in the last calendar year, stick a wet finger in the air and speculate on what lies ahead.  That has all changed with the introduction of the Atlas of Giving.

The Atlas of Giving is an innovation that forever changes how fundraising and nonprofit budgets can be managed.  The Atlas is provides 3 things that have never before been available…

  1. Measurement of charitable giving results MONTHLY.
  2. A reliable forecast for charitable giving
  3. Analysis of the factors and current events that affect charitable giving.

This means that you no longer have to wait until June to find out how charitable giving performed last calendar year.  – In case you are wondering, 2010 giving totaled $323.86 billion, up 6.6% over 2009.  This rebound follows the biggest single year decline in giving in 2009 (down 5.7%).  The Atlas of Giving released this result on January 19, 2011.  Oh, and by the way, giving through the end of April, 2011 is up 8.3%. Results through the end of May will be available with the new monthly report which will be posted June 20.

As a nonprofit professional, you now have access to information that gives you options for scheduling appeals and events during times that are forecast to be more favorable than others.  It’s a lot like scheduling your camping trip when no rain is in the forecast.

If you are wondering what the impact of an event like the BP Oil Spill will have on giving – now you can know.

Here is the best news… The Atlas of Giving is free!  All you need to do is go to , get a free subscription to view the Atlas of Giving each month.

If you really want an edge, you can get a customized version of the Atlas for your organization.