How To Use Your Forecast

  1. Be sure to update your custom forecast monthly.
    Our numbers are updated by the 21st of each month.
  2. Use Atlas of Giving results for the previous month to analyze your result against the Atlas benchmark.
    Did anything change (promotions, events, economic events, etc) from the same month last year that will explain your deviation from the benchmark?
  3. Adjust your budget and fundraising plans to reflect the updated 12 month forecast each month.
    Look ahead to see what time period is best for solicitations, mailing, events and other promotions… and what periods to avoid.
  4. Monitor the effects of fundraising practices, policy changes, and current events on your results.
  5. Use Atlas data, reports, and graphics to set realistic expectations with boards, management, and staff.
  6. Consider scheduling events and fundraising activities based on the forecast.