Fire the do-gooders and shut down the pretenders

People who work for and volunteer for nonprofits are nice people… many of them should be fired.

I spent 28 years of my life working alongside these well-meaning folks in a variety of charitable organizations as both an employee and a board member.  But, I have a bone to pick.  Solid business practice and accountability is almost universally resisted in charities and churches.  It’s a lot like government in that way.  These people and organizations would rather defend themselves than really solving anything.

Hard work and zealous devotion to the mission do not excuse anyone or any organization or church from effectiveness or efficiency.  Results matter

Oh sure, I’ve heard the arguments that charities are not businesses and deserve to be dealt with differently.  And, I agree – on a few points, but not many.

Every charity and church owes it to its supporters and the taxpayers prove that it produces measurable results that benefit our society.  Similarly, every nonprofit employee should be expected to be held accountable for the job that they are paid to accomplish and every board member should demand that this occurs.  Can your charity or church prove a significant return on its investment?  Can you justify your salary and benefits based on your measurable impact on the mission?

I am in favor of a donor and taxpayer revolution.  Somebody, please start an effective movement that demands that charities, churches, and the people that work for them and volunteer for them produce real, measurable results. I’ve devised a suggested plan to start this process… it’s not perfect but it’s a start – see what you think

We can learn a lot from business and we should.   Measurement and accountability is good and appropriate – embrace it and you and your organization will thrive.  Yes, ineffective programs and people will be eliminated… they should…sorry.  Nice people should sometimes be fired and replaced with people who are committed to accomplishment not tradition and hard work.  And, ineffective old organizations should fail.  Results matter!