What is the difference between Giving USA, the Blackbaud Index, and the Atlas of Giving?

A question often asked by those who are new to the Atlas of Giving is, “How is Atlas different from Giving USA or the Blackbaud Index?” First, the short answer: While all three products use their own respective methodologies to measure and report past giving, the Atlas of Giving is primarily focused on quantifying what […]

Complimentary Copies of Atlas of Giving Reports Available for Media Upon Request

A complimentary copy of the 12-month forecast and the results from January’s report is available to members of the media. Infographics, created to illustrate giving data and upcoming forecast are also available by request. In addition, access to The Atlas of Giving Professional Edition monthly update is provided for credentialed media members at no charge. […]

Atlas of Giving Attributes a Rise in Charitable Giving for Early 2012 to Stock Surge, Unseasonable Weather and Economic Growth

January 2012 giving came in at a 6.4% increase over January 2011, 1.5% better than December 2011, the best month of 2011. DALLAS (February 21, 2012) – Atlas of Giving today announced results from its January 2012 report on charitable giving. The report outlines charitable giving in the United States from January 2012 and forecasts […]

Raising More Money Will Make You Better Looking

Well, maybe not. But, you will feel like you are better looking. As a fund raising practitioner or nonprofit manager, you are always trying to find new ways to raise more money and spend less money doing it. There is a powerful free tool that gives you the benchmarks and forecasts you need to identify […]

GUEST COLUMN: Roger Craver – theagitator.net

Fundraising Atlas Does More Than Shrug At the end of April I reported on a new forecasting service, The Atlas of Giving. I called it an important innovation because fundraisers have largely sought guidance through the rear view mirror of past performance, as opposed to steering through the windshield of the present and future. After […]

It’s The Economy Stupid!

There will never be a centralized database that contains all charitable contributions made to all 1.3 million nonprofits and churches. Other economic measurements (retail sales, unemployment, manufacturing inventories, etc.) formulas (algorithms) are developed to establish a benchmark. The benchmark is then used to measure changes, establish trends, and create forecasts. Consistency and fidelity of the […]

Bettering Your Best Isn’t Good Enough Anymore

When it comes to charitable giving results, most of us have been conditioned to think that doing better this year as compared with last year is a reasonable expectation.  Not anymore. Now, every month you can compare your results to the performance of your sector (education, religion, health, etc) and your state (or states) and […]

The Power of a Reliable Charitable Giving Forecast

I grew up in New Orleans in the 60s and 70s. From my earliest days, I remember discussions about hurricanes and predictions for what would happen if a big storm took what was known as the ‘critical path’ – up the Mississippi River and then over Lake Ponchatrain. The city, it was thought, would be […]

Charitable Giving Manufacturing Machine

Preparing the upcoming release of total US charitable giving figures for 2010 has become a contemplative experience for me.   I’ve learned that charitable giving is like a complex manufacturing machine with lots of moving parts, some static components, and some highly engineered pieces.  Some parts are big; some are tiny.  The machine needs continual […]

My Dad could whip your Dad… last year!

It’s no secret that our sector is slow or even resistant to practices that are common to the business world. Examples include accountability measurements for staff, outcome based compensation, focusing on net revenue rather than gross revenue, market share monitoring, public monthly reporting and measuring of results, and intensive use of data for planning and […]

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