Good Plans and Great Talent don’t determine your fundraising success or failure

Whether your fundraising results are up or down may have less to do with what you’re doing (or not doing) than you think. The common conception is that the, well-designed events, campaigns, direct mail, compelling mission, online domination, superior fund raising talent, strategic planning, and strong leadership are what drive charitable giving results. Unfortunately, the […]

2015 Mid Year Report on U.S. Charitable Giving

2015 first half U.S. charitable giving has been exceptionally (and unexpectedly) strong – up a total of 7.6% to $238.88 Billion from $222.03 Billion for the same period in 2014. Most of this strong giving performance is attributed to the continually good news of improving employment rates. Individual donors, who account for 74% of all […]

Giving USA Annual Release fraught with impossible and immoral problems.

2014 ended 6 months ago. On June 16, 2015, the Giving Institute released the Giving USA annual report on 2014 giving. There are so many problems with Giving USA and the Giving Institute that it’s hard to determine where to begin the discussion, but we can try. What is the real, practical use of the […]

Accept No Substitutes, There Is Only One Genuine Charitable Giving Forecast

The Indiana University Lilly School of Philanthropy has just released its Philanthropy Outlook for 2015 and 2016. These are the same folks that give you Giving USA each year. According to the report, this is an econometric model used to forecast charitable giving for the next two years. Like the annual Giving USA estimate, this […]

Year-End Charitable Giving Bonanza is a Myth

There is an assumption in the U.S. that the best charitable giving season is October, November, and December each year (Year-End). The facts do not support this myth. Most believe that there are two reasons that year-end giving is good. First, they assume that donors are in the giving mood as they engage in all […]

US Giving Growth Only 3% in 2013? Not Likely.

Nonprofit execs, fundraising managers, and consultants are celebrating the just-released Giving USA estimate of giving for 2013. This is completely understandable since it makes them look like rock stars. For most, their fundraising results for 2013 were much higher than the Giving USA estimate of 3% growth. Now they can easily justify spending $90 to […]

Atlas of Giving Faceoff with Giving USA

Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio hosted a ‘Faceoff’ with the Atlas of Giving and Giving USA on Friday 2.21.14. I represented the Atlas and faced Gregg Carlson and Una Osili from Giving USA. I had a great time talking about the Atlas but must admit being uncomfortable directing critical questions at Giving USA – I do […]

Would you like to buy a typewriter?

Do you remember the typewriter? I do. I taught myself how to touch-type in high school, typed papers in college and used one in my first job. Underwood, Brother, Olivetti, and IBM Selectric brands are burned in my memory. My kids have likely never seen one. I haven’t seen a typewriter in a long time […]

2014 Press Release – 2013 Year End Summary and 2014 Forecast

The Atlas of Giving is taking the nonprofit world by storm. We’ve been all over the news as journalists and experts discover the latest and best measurement tool of charitable giving in the United States. Check out our latest Press Release below to learn more, and don’t forget to download the year end report and […]

The Best Things in Giving are Free

Isn’t it amusing how much hoopla is made each June about the release of the Giving USA report? About what it says occurred in the calendar year that ended six months ago? It’s like getting excited about reading a newspaper today that specializes on reporting news events that happened 18 months ago. Why does anyone […]

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